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My Favorite Amazon Finds – Summer Edition | July 2023

July 14, 2023

Hello, sunshine seekers! As we embrace the glorious summer months, I am thrilled to share with you my top five Amazon finds that are making this season extra special for me. These handpicked essentials, each adding a unique touch to my summer narrative, are not only personal favorites but also tried and true companions of my sunny adventures. From enhancing outdoor picnics to elevating my style, and from capturing bucket-list moments to creating soothing ambiances, each one of these treasures has a story to tell. So, buckle up as we embark on this joyous journey of celebrating summer with my delightful discoveries from the heart of Amazon. Here’s to living our best summer life, one phenomenal find at a time!

Behind every smart woman is a curated Amazon cart. Here are some of my favorite finds – summer edition! File this under things that make my life easier. #addtocart

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you click on and/or purchase from one of the product links. Affiliate links help to “keep the lights on” at The Rescued Letters and I only recommend products that I personally use. I really appreciate your support in this way. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Day at the Beach

1. Waterproof Beach Tote Bag

Stepping out in the summer sun, armed with my fabulous beach bag, has become my absolute favorite ritual! This bag is the epitome of summer elegance – striking the perfect balance between style and utility. The ample space accommodates all my beach essentials effortlessly, while the water and sand-resistant bottom is a game-changer – no more worries about unexpected splashes or sandy messes. Plus, the additional pockets make organizing a breeze, ensuring everything is within easy reach. The durable and vibrant material stands the test of busy beach days, still looking brand new! This beach bag is the ultimate companion for any summer adventure.

2. Large Turkish Beach Towel

Soft, luxuriously lightweight, and incredibly absorbent, these turkish towels have swiftly become a staple in my summer routine. With their elegant design, they aren’t just towels but a statement piece that also elevates my bathroom decor. Not to mention, their quick-drying feature is a boon for beach outings and poolside lounging. But, the real cherry on top is their versatility – serving as a chic wrap, a picnic blanket, or even a throw! With each wash, they get softer, maintaining their durable nature, a testament to their high-quality craftsmanship. These Turkish towels are truly a blend of functionality and style – a fabulous find from Amazon. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your summer essentials with these gems.

3. Waterproof Wet Bags

These wet bags have revolutionized my summer escapades to the beach and pool. With an incredibly clever design, they efficiently keep wet and dry items separate, ensuring the rest of my bag stays dry and sand-free – no more worrying about dripping swimsuits or wet towels. The high-quality, waterproof fabric not only keeps my belongings safe, but is also easy to clean – a rinse or a toss in the washer and they’re ready for the next adventure! And let’s not forget about the adorable patterns; they add a dash of fun to my beach kit, often sparking delightful conversations. Highly durable and thoughtfully designed, these wet bags have become a summer essential for me, making my beach and pool outings stress-free.

4. Waterproof Phone Pouch – Set of 3

Protecting our beloved tech during summer adventures is a must, and these waterproof phone pouches are the perfect solution. Their top-notch water-sealing system gives me the confidence to capture poolside selfies, beach videos, or even under-water snaps without a second thought. The clear, touch-sensitive cover means I can use my phone as usual, even when it’s safely tucked inside – a huge win! And let’s not forget the practical neck strap, freeing up my hands for more important things, like holding an ice cream cone or building a sandcastle! I’ve been impressed by the durable construction which provides a robust shield against sand, water, and the occasional accidental drop. These pouches have transformed my phone into a fearless summer companion, ensuring I can make and preserve those precious summer memories worry-free.

5. Beach Towel Clips for Beach/Pool Chairs

When it comes to summer essentials, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference, and these towel chair clips are a prime example. No more wrestling with my beach towel on a breezy day or coming back from a refreshing swim to find it crumpled on the ground. These clips hold my towel firmly in place, even in the face of gusty winds. Designed to fit a variety of sun loungers, they’re incredibly easy to use, turning a potential annoyance into a non-issue. And their vibrant colors and fun shapes aren’t just adorable; they also make spotting my chair from a distance a breeze. Lightweight yet sturdy, they take up virtually no space in my bag, but their impact on my beach and pool experiences has been huge.

Home Goods for Summer

1. Folding Adirondack Chairs – Set of 4

If there’s one item that perfectly encapsulates the essence of laid-back summer relaxation, it’s these Adirondack chairs. Not only are they incredibly stylish, bringing a classic, rustic charm to my outdoor space, but their comfort is unparalleled. Many a summer evening has been spent lounging in these chairs, a cool drink in hand, soaking in the beautiful sunset. The high-quality, weather-resistant material ensures they look as good as new, season after season, standing up well to both sun and rain. The generous seat and wide armrests cater to comfort, while the angled back provides just the right amount of recline for relaxation. Assembling them was a breeze, turning into a fun weekend project. These Adirondack chairs, another exceptional Amazon find, have truly transformed my patio into a personal summer sanctuary. Here’s to many more serene summer moments in the comfort of these gems!

2. Traditional Double Hammock

Few things epitomize the bliss of summer quite like lounging in this sublime hammock. Its combination of comfort, style, and durability make it a standout in my outdoor sanctuary. The generous size comfortably accommodates me for those much-needed afternoon siestas or leisurely reading sessions, while the high-quality fabric is gentle against my skin, adding to the tranquility. I’ve been truly impressed with the strength and reliability of the ropes and carabiners, providing a sense of security as I drift into relaxation. The ease of set up and takedown is a bonus, making it convenient to move to my preferred shady spots. This hammock has become my personal retreat within a retreat. It’s the quintessential representation of summer relaxation – a place where time slows down, and life’s simple pleasures are savored.

3. Ninja NJ601AMZ Professional Blender

This blender has been a true game-changer in my summer refreshment game! It’s a powerful tool that effortlessly blends fruits, ice, and anything else I throw at it into perfect smoothies, refreshing frozen frinks, or even homemade ice cream. The sturdy design ensures stability, while the stainless-steel blades exhibit remarkable efficiency. But, what truly sets it apart is its convenience and user-friendliness. The various speed options let me customize my blends, and the self-clean feature is an absolute time-saver – more time for enjoying the summer days! What I love most is the glass pitcher, not only for its generous capacity but also for its resistance to odors and staining. This blender is my partner in crafting delightful summer refreshments!

4. Divided Serving Dishes with Lid

This divided tray has been an absolute morning lifesaver! Specifically designed for little hands and appetites, it’s my go-to for early bird children who wake up with a rumbling tummy. With the handy sections, I can offer a variety of bite-sized breakfast treats, promoting independent eating and introducing them to a balance of food groups. The sturdy construction withstands the energetic handling of kids while the vibrant colors make mealtime more appealing and fun. The fact that it’s dishwasher-safe makes clean-up a breeze, a blessing on busy mornings. This isn’t just a tray, it’s a tool that adds simplicity to our morning routine while encouraging healthier eating habits in my little ones. Once again, Amazon has provided a practical and reliable solution to make life just a little bit easier. Here’s to happier, fuss-free mornings!

Summer Skincare

1. Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper Kit

The Sun Bum kit has become my trusty sidekick for all things sun protection this summer. Each product in the kit is thoughtfully formulated to provide thorough sun defense, while also being kind to my skin. The sunscreen lotion applies smoothly, providing broad-spectrum protection without feeling greasy or heavy, while the lip balm is a lifesaver for dry, sun-exposed lips. But the real star in the kit for me is the cooling aloe lotion, perfect for soothing skin after a day under the sun, keeping it hydrated and healthy. The delightful, summery scent that each product carries is an added bonus, transporting me to a tropical paradise. Each product is compact enough to fit in my beach bag or carry-on, making it ideal for any summer outing.

2. EltaMD UV Physical Tinted Face Sunscreen

As the years pass, my skin has become more sensitive, and this sunscreen has emerged as a tried and true ally in my skincare arsenal. Crafted with mature skin in mind, it provides stellar sun protection without causing any irritation or breakouts. The lightweight, non-greasy formula blends seamlessly into my skin, leaving no white residue – a refreshing departure from traditional sunscreens. But, its talents extend beyond just sun defense; it doubles as my summer foundation! Offering a lovely, natural finish that subtly evens out my complexion, it keeps my face looking fresh and radiant, all while shielding it from the sun. This sunscreen has been a discovery of dual benefits – effective sun protection and a flawless, natural base.

3. Bug Soother Spray Small Family Pack

Summer outings often come with uninvited guests – bugs, but the Bug Soother kit has turned into my reliable shield against these pesky intruders. The spray is remarkably effective, deterring a wide variety of insects, allowing me to fully enjoy the great outdoors, bite-free. Its DEET-free formula is gentle on my skin, and the light, fresh lemon-vanilla scent is a pleasant surprise compared to the harsh smells of many other bug repellents. The fact that it is safe for kids and pets adds to its appeal, making it a family-friendly solution for our outdoor adventures. Plus, the bonus pack with the mini spray and the handy carabiner is perfect for on-the-go use. Thanks to this Bug Soother kit our summer picnics, hikes, and barbecues have become far more enjoyable. Here’s to bug-free summer days and nights!

4. 10 Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Keeping our little ones safe from mosquito bites during summer fun is a top priority, and these mosquito bracelets have been an effective, child-friendly solution. What sets them apart is their comfortable, adjustable fit, making them suitable for children of various ages. Infused with natural oils, they ward off mosquitoes without resorting to harsh chemicals, a major win for delicate young skin. Their vibrant colors and fun, wearable design are a hit among the kids, making bug protection an enjoyable affair rather than a chore. These bracelets are waterproof, so swimming and water games are no obstacle. I always have a stock of these bracelets on hand for visiting children, ensuring our summer gatherings are safe and itch-free.

Summer Clothing

1. Turkish Kaftan Swimsuit Cover-Up

This kaftan has elevated my summer evening routine to a whole new level of comfort and style. Post-shower, it’s my go-to attire, providing a sense of relaxed elegance that feels just right. The lightweight material is perfect for the warmer months, keeping me cool and comfortable while the loose, flowing design allows for effortless movement. But it’s not just about comfort; the vibrant patterns and colors bring a touch of exotic luxury to my evenings, making me feel special even during my downtime. Easy to care for and enduringly stylish, this kaftan has become an integral part of my summer wardrobe.

2. One Piece One Shoulder Swimsuit

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge, but this one ticks all the boxes for me. With its stylish design and flattering silhouette, it makes me feel confident and glamorous by the water. The swimsuit strikes a balance between modesty and allure, providing enough coverage to make me feel comfortable, while the ruching and halter neck add a touch of vintage charm. The high-quality fabric and construction ensure it stays put during swimming and beach activities, a non-negotiable for any good swimsuit. The variety of vibrant patterns and colors allows for a personal touch, and I receive compliments every time I wear it. As I age, it’s become increasingly important to find swimwear that makes me feel both comfortable and beautiful. This swimsuit, another fantastic find from Amazon, does just that. Here’s to making a splash in style this summer!

3. Straw Fedora Sun Hat

As a self-proclaimed hat connoisseur, I’ve worn many hats in my time, but this fedora stands head and shoulders above the rest. Crafted with attention to detail, it merges style, comfort, and functionality effortlessly. The high-quality straw material is both durable and lightweight, making it perfect for those long summer days. The brim offers ample shade to protect my face from the sun, while the ventilation keeps me cool and comfortable. What truly sets it apart, however, is its timeless design – it exudes an air of effortless chic that complements a wide array of summer outfits. As an avid hat wearer, finding one that blends seamlessly with my wardrobe while also fulfilling its practical duties is a joy. This fedora has become my constant summer companion.

4. Tummy Control Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

I’m a firm believer that when you find a great swimsuit, you stick with it. And this swimsuit is one that I’ve found myself returning to time and time again, in various beautiful patterns. The cut is simply flattering – the wrap front, adjustable straps, and tummy control design work in harmony to highlight my best features and foster body confidence. But it’s not just about aesthetics – this swimsuit also scores high on comfort. The fabric is soft and stretchy, allowing me to move freely whether I’m swimming or lounging by the pool. What’s truly impressive is the array of vibrant patterns available, from tropical to geometric, each adding a splash of personality to my swimwear collection. This swimsuit strikes a perfect balance between style and comfort. Here’s to making a splash in style and confidence this summer!

5. Moss Rose Women’s Beach Cover Up Kimono

This kimono cover-up has been a delightful addition to my beachwear, a whimsical suggestion from my darling adopted nephew, who insisted that me and his mom wear matching kimonos for the summer. Draping this on instantly adds a touch of boho-chic elegance to my beach look. It’s lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for the summer heat, while the open front design makes it easy to slip on and off over swimwear. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors exude a carefree, vacation-ready vibe that never fails to uplift my spirits. Not just for the beach, it’s versatile enough for a poolside lounge or a casual day out, over jeans and a top. The fact that it enabled a matching outfit moment with my soul sister on our beach vacation is a heartwarming bonus.

Okay, that’s all for now! What’s your favorite amazon find for summer? Comment below and let me know. Fist bumps and high-fives!

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