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The 2024 Bible Bracket Challenge: A Super-Fun Journey Through Scripture

March 12, 2024

Are you ready for a unique and engaging way to dive deep into the scriptures? The Rescued Letters Collective is thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Bible Bracket Challenge, an exciting journey through the books of the Bible designed to bring women together in faith, fun, and fellowship. Inspired by the energy and excitement of the March Madness basketball tournament, we’re bringing you a spiritual showdown that promises to educate, excite, and engage.

What Is the Bible Bracket Challenge?

The Bible Bracket Challenge is a fun and interactive way to explore the Bible. We’ve selected 64 books of the Bible (with Lamentations and Leviticus taking a bench seat this time around) and divided them into four regions. Each book is “seeded” and faces off against another in a series of voting rounds. It’s up to you, our vibrant community, to vote for your favorites and help them advance through the bracket.

Why Participate?

This challenge is an opportunity to immerse yourself in God’s Word and connect with other women who share your passion for the Bible. Whether you’re a Bible study veteran or just beginning your faith journey, the Bible Bracket Challenge offers a unique and engaging way to learn about each book’s significance and message.

How to Enter the Challenge and the Giveaways

Participation is easy and open to everyone! Here’s how to get involved and be eligible for our exciting giveaways:

  1. Vote in Each Round: Anyone can vote in the Bible Bracket Challenge. Click the button below to access the voting portal and choose your favorites in each matchup.
  2. Follow and Enter: To be entered into our mega-giveaway at the end of the tournament, follow The Rescued Letters Collective on Instagram and sign up via email. This is your ticket for an opportunity to win some amazing prizes! Stay tuned for prize details coming soon.

How to Follow Along

Stay updated on the challenge and the giveaways by following @RescuedLetters on Instagram. We’ll be posting updates, sharing insights into the books of the Bible, and keeping you in the loop about when to vote.

When Do We Vote

The timeline for each voting round will follow the NCAA tournament schedule and it’s a wild ride so buckle up! Voting for each round opens at 5:00am and closes at midnight:

  • March 17 – 22: Round 1 Voting
  • March 23 – 24: Round 2 Voting
  • March 25 – 29: Round 3 Voting (Sweet Sixteen)
  • March 30 – 31: Round 4 Voting (Elite Eight)
  • April 1 – 6: Round 5 Voting (Final Four)
  • April 7 – 8: Round 6 Voting (Championship)
  • April 9 – Your Favorite Book of the Bible is announced!

Let the Challenge Begin!

We can’t wait to see which book of the Bible will be crowned the favorite. Whether you’re joining to deepen your understanding, connect with other faith-filled women, or simply for the fun of competition, the Bible Bracket Challenge is sure to bring inspiration and joy into your life.

Get ready to cast your votes, engage with God’s Word in a whole new way, and maybe even discover new favorites along the journey. Let’s make this challenge a testament to the power and beauty of the Bible, together.

Are you ready to join the ultimate scripture showdown? Dive into the Bible Bracket Challenge today and let’s celebrate the enduring wisdom and love found in God’s Word!

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