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Is your Bible a little dusty?

I can help with that. A woman who is all-in on keeping her Bible dust-free is my kind of gal.


Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

But you were built for community. When you dive into the Word surrounded by others, you're not just reading; you're engaging in rich conversations, challenging perspectives, and drawing on collective experiences. The journey becomes shared, and the accountability it brings isn't just about discipline—it's about deepening bonds, celebrating revelations together, and lifting each other up during moments of doubt. 

But if you're anything like me, you need a little nudge to get started. You just want someone to tell you where to turn and what to read. 

and let's not forget

Navigating the Bible can feel daunting.

Many times, readers find themselves lost amidst its pages, unsure of how to apply an ancient text to modern-day challenges. Without the right guidance or context, it's easy to feel disconnected or overwhelmed, missing out on the transformative messages that are meant to resonate with our daily lives. But with a supportive community and knowledgeable guidance, what once seemed impossible can become a clear and enriching path to understanding and growth.

So what if you didn't have to go it on your own? What if you could hit the easy button for daily reading plans and tools to help you understand what you are reading AND apply it to your life.


The No Dusty Bibles Community

With Heather as your guide, delve into just two chapters a day at a sustainable, rewarding pace. Through emails, podcasts, Facebook groups, and YouTube teachings, you'll never feel alone on your faith journey. We provide the resources, the community, and the daily nudges to keep you in the Word. Say goodbye to that dusty, untouched Bible and hello to a vibrant, daily walk with God.

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We read two chapters of the Bible a day, Monday - Friday, saving the weekend to catchup if you need it.

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Every Monday, I'll show up in your inbox with what we are reading for the week + pep talks for daily reading.

Kind Words

Diving into Scripture has never felt so approachable and engaging! The No Dusty Bibles community has truly transformed my daily walk with God.

— Jaime, member since 2021

From feeling lost in the pages to finding joy in every verse, No Dusty Bibles has been a game-changer for my faith journey. Heather's guidance and the supportive community are so helpful!

— Jennifer, member since 2022

heather + hannah here

We’re committed to making the Bible relatable + understandable.

With over two decades of Bible study leadership, Heather brings depth, insight, and a genuine passion for scripture. Her unique journey through life’s highs and lows offers a relatable touchpoint, making scripture come alive in personal and transformative ways. Hannah is always on deck to tackle questions, dish out encouragement, and hook you up with the best resources!.

have you...

Ever picked up your Bible, felt lost, and just put it right back down?

We've all been there: opening our Bible with the best intentions, only to feel lost amidst its vastness, leading us to set it aside for 'another time'. Or starting a reading plan with enthusiasm, only to hit a wall and let it fall by the wayside, is a sentiment many of us know all too well.

With structured plans, communal support, and resources at your fingertips, we'll transform those overwhelming moments into impactful milestones in your faith journey.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

psalm 119:105

In the No Dusty Bibles Community...

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+ never doubt what to read in the bible

+ unlock continuous video lessons

+ receive support & encouragement

+ connect with guides ready to help

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