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A March Adventure Like No Other: Can You Guess What’s Coming?

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March 8, 2024

As the buds begin to bloom and the chill of winter fades, a unique journey beckons—one that promises to merge the thrill of competition with the depth of divine wisdom. This March, we’re inviting you to join us where faith and fun intersect in a way you’ve never experienced before.

So, what’s this all about? We’re keeping the full reveal under wraps for just a little while longer, but here’s what we can share: this March, we’re celebrating the Bible in a way that promises to educate, excite, and engage.

Stay tuned for our big announcement on March 13! Until then, here are a few clues to what is coming. Can you guess what we have in store? Comment below to cast your vote!

The Clues

  • Imagine David vs. Goliath, but this time it’s book against book. Can the wisdom of Solomon outshine the patience of Job? Only time will tell.
  • Where wisdom battles history, and prophecy faces poetry. Each book has its strength, but which will capture your heart?
  • Some are favored to win; others are underdogs. Will the first be last, or will the least expected take the crown?
  • Sprinkled throughout the challenge are treasures hidden for you to find. Can you uncover them all?
  • Gen Xers will know what’s coming if we announced this via a TV cart rolled into your high school classroom.

Stay tuned for the big reveal and prepare to be part of something super fun this spring. The journey begins soon, and we can’t wait to explore the depths of God’s Word with you. Are you ready for an adventure?

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  1. Jenny Rogers says:

    March Madness bracket Bible style

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