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My Speaking Ministry

My name is Heather. I'm an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and Women's Ministry Director at my home church. I'm also the survivor of an incurable genetic disorder that threatens major medical events. Here's what I am passionate about: helping women find hope for their hard story by making the Bible accessible and understandable for every woman.

My speaking style is an inspirational educator, and my messages are rooted in solid Biblical truths. I'm not a fluff teacher. When I leave an event, I want women to know the truth of scripture, have a deeper connection with Jesus, and be encouraged to live by faith in every day. 

God's Word has rescued me over and over again and it is my joy to share His Word with women. 

my current speaking schedule

2024 Speaking Engagements

  • January 25: NRCA Middle & High School Chapel
  • January 26-28: CLUB Retreat, Blowing Rock NC
  • February 23-25: Hayes Barton Baptist Church Women's Retreat, Caraway Conference Center, Sophia NC
  • March 1-3: First Baptist Church Loganville Women's Retreat, Dillard GA
  • March 11: NRCA Moms Connect
  • March 15-17: Diamonds Virtual Conference
  • April 19: ASPIRE Women's Events, Jenison MI
  • April 20: ASPIRE Women's Events, Midland MI
  • April 21: ASPIRE Women's Events, Levonia MI
  • May 4: Hope Christian Church Women's Retreat, Avon OH
  • May 17: Sandy Creek Baptist Church Conference, Louisburg NC
  • June 14: Salt Talks, Atlantic Beach NC
  • September 27-29: Grace Adventures Women's Retreat, Mears MI
  • October 4: ASPIRE Women's Events, Haines City FL
  • October 5: ASPIRE Women's Events, TBD Florida
  • October 6: ASPIRE Women's Events, TBD Florida

2025 Speaking Engagements

  • Now booking for 2025! 
  • April 29, 2025: Private Event TBA


Women's Ministry Leaders...I see you wearing ALL the hats

Hit the easy button

I've created something special for the event planners in the women’s ministry world...the Instant Event.

In this free, 7-page download, you'll find an entire event prepped for you, including the theme, a Spotify playlist personally crafted by me to go along with the theme, the program schedule – which you can use for a morning or evening event, a vision board for simple decor and design, a checklist for promoting your event, and a prayer schedule.


Kind Words

We absolutely LOVED having Heather as our special guest speaker for our Women's Event! Her transparency about her life experiences and faith in God was so encouraging and inspiring! Her passion for Jesus and heart to see lives changed for God's glory was so evident the moment we met!

— taleen horton, impact church | Scottsdale, AZ

Heather is a very personable and encouraging speaker. Her knowledge and intimacy with scripture shine through every word of her testimony and message. There is a perfect balance of personal sharing, scripture and teaching. She left the ladies from our retreat feeling encouraged and challenged to be more intentional in seeking Christ and enriching their spiritual growth. Exceptional is the word that I would use to describe her.

— Joanne Broadstreet, chapin baptist church | chapin, SC

Heather is an awesome speaker the way she connected to the ladies was great. She is so open about her life and the way she voices the word of God is so easy to understand how it fits into our daily lives. Loved her and would love to hear her again to see where God has used her. 

— vickie alexander, Beech River Baptist Association | Lexington, TN

Whether you're seeking inspiration for a single event or diving deep in a multi-day retreat, all of my speaking topics can be tailored to fit your needs. With options for keynote addresses, extended workshops, or immersive retreat experiences, each message is designed to bring the Bible to life in a way that's engaging, applicable, and uplifting. Let's journey through God's Word together in a format that best serves your community.

Sample Speaking Topics


Living Like Jesus in Every Moment

Imagine waking up every single day convinced that the twenty-four hours ahead of you are a precious gift to be used wisely. Now imagine that you know exactly how to spend them to be a force for God's good. We should want to make every moment count—not only because we aren't guaranteed the next one, but also because this is exactly how our Savior spent His time here on earth.

intimately connect with a Savior who remained laser-focused on His mission to love the world

receive a model for intentional living

live each day to the fullest and make a difference for God's kingdom.


Fnding Hope When You Don't Like Your Story

The path to transformation: Four proactive steps and one crucial realization. Naomi's journey, fraught with the pain of losing her family, unravels a tale of rediscovery and hope anchored in God's redemptive promises. Drawing parallels from my personal journey and Naomi's story in the Book of Ruth, this session will guide you in navigating life's challenging narratives. Together, we'll embrace the belief that through unwavering trust in God, we can transform our tales of sorrow into beacons of hope.

flourish even as we live hard stories

trust that God can transform our story

trade heartache for hope


Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown

Every woman is part of God's grand design, even when facing the uncertainties of life. Whether it's an unexpected call, a daunting diagnosis, or a challenging ministry, life's unpredictabilities await us. But remember, they're not insurmountable. Journey with me through Joshua's early chapters, where we unveil seven divine promises and three mandates for living boldly. Discover that not only does this wisdom equip you for life's battles, but it also sets the stage for God's abundant blessings. After all, true hope emerges when we're ready for the unknown.

discover god's plan for courageous living

soak up wisdom that will prepare you
for life's battles

embrace hope in the midst of uncertainty


Becoming a Legacy-Making Woman

Delve into three poignant lessons drawn from an everyday woman who left her mark in Biblical tales. Remember, if you're alive and breathing, you're here with a mission. For those who cherish Jesus, leaving a lasting legacy on earth is a heart's desire. Join me as we explore the journey of an inspiring Biblical woman, challenge the misconception of our unworthiness, and be inspired to pave a path of influence for Christ's kingdom.

confront lies we believe

consider three types of legacies

make a kingdom impact for christ


Walking on Water in the Fourth Watch of the Night

Courageous faith often finds its testing grounds in life's fiercest storms. In the eerie silence of the fourth watch, most await dawn, yet some dare to defy and walk on water. The key? Fixing our gaze solely on Jesus. Let's journey together through Peter's stormy choices, understanding that true courage stems not from worldly valor, but a heavenly perspective. Together, we'll uncover the divine promise reserved for those audacious enough to take that leap of faith.

learn the biblical definition of courage

embrace a courageous faith in the storms of life

find the courage to step out of the boat


Surviving & Thriving Through Seasons of Change

Discover resilient strategies to embrace life's transitions with grace and faith. Moments of change, while unsettling, can also be opportunities for growth. Let's explore the wisdom from Hebrews 6 and learn about God's unchanging nature that provides our anchor. By the end of our time, you'll be equipped with robust Biblical insights and five actionable strategies to implement during transformative phases in your life.

anchor yourself with god's word

discover god's unchangeable attributes

leave with five actionable strategies

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