Our goal at The Rescued Letters Collective is to help women find hope for their hard story by making the Bible available, relatable, and understandble. To do that, we provide content such as blog posts, devotional materials, free resources, Bible studies, and other products intended to draw women closer to God.

Everything at TheRescuedLetters.com and its social media extensions is written by our team, edited by our team, posted by our team, and designed by our team. And it's done from our very adorable and sometimes messy office. We creatives, man. We're hard on the offices.

The information you see here is free to readers and subscribers, but there is a lot of time, effort, and research behind it all. There's also a bit of a financial investment involved to get it going and keep it running. To do that, I seek compensation for the work I do here in a variety of ways:

  • I participate in affiliate marketing. What's affiliate marketing? See below.
  • I accept cash compensation for advertising from companies and individuals that I have vetted personally.
  • I receive non-cash compensation for advertising from companies that I use and are familiar with. This is usually in the form of free products, extra digital space, or upgraded services.
  • I sell things that I create.
  • I receive royalties for books I have written.

I only promote products that I have either paid for personally, used personally, or are from companies that I know and trust and can recommend without hesitation.

You can consider us best friends in that if I think something is really cool and worth your consideration, I'm going to tell you about it. If it's not, I won't.

An affiliate or referral link is a hyperlink to a specific URL from a company that we partner with. Because we know and trust the company or can personally recommend their product, sometimes we will share that product information with you here with a super special link. If you choose to purchase that product through our affiliate link, we may receive a small commission from your purchase. This occurs at no extra charge to you. But it does help us keep the lights on here at The Rescued Letters Collective so that we can continue to bring you valuable content. We are really thankful for your support in this way.

TheRescuedLetters.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


My Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Tiktok, and Pinterest accounts are extensions of this website. If my social media posts are ever paid, sponsored, or promoting affiliate links, they will be clearly tagged with the #spon, #sponsored, #aff, or #affiliate hashtags.

I think that covers it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Carry on, warriors.

Heather and The Rescued Letters team

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