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I'm an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and coach. I'm also the founder of The Rescued Letters Collective. We're on a mission to make God's Word a daily habit in your life, transforming your hardest chapters into a narrative of hope.

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Welcome to The Rescued Letters Collective—a united front of women's ministry endeavors with a shared vision: to help women everywhere cultivate a richer faith. Our mission is simple but transformative—make the Bible not just available but wholly accessible and deeply meaningful for every woman who seeks its wisdom. We don't just provide Bibles; we offer a complete faith toolkit that includes engaging educational resources and the camaraderie of a faith-filled community. We're here to help you experience the Bible as a living, breathing guide for your life, one that nurtures your spiritual growth, strengthens your connections, and fosters true discipleship.

here's what WE do:

No Dusty Bibles

Ministry Mentor


Your Go-To Online Community for Daily Bible Engagement:
With Heather as your guide, delve into just two chapters a day at a sustainable, rewarding pace. Through emails, podcasts, Facebook groups, and YouTube teachings, you'll never feel alone on your faith journey. We provide the resources, the community, and the daily nudges to keep you in the Word. Say goodbye to that dusty, untouched Bible and hello to a vibrant, daily walk with God.

Coaching Voices for Christ:
Through our personalized coaching calls and comprehensive online courses, Heather provides aspiring Christian Communicators with the tools you need to flourish in your ministry. From crafting a compelling vision to mastering the nuts and bolts of running an online platform, we're committed to turning your God-given passion into impactful action.

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Event Speaker


Encouraging Hearts, Inspiring Faith:
Serving at over 25 events annually across the United States, Heather's messages are a blend of profound Biblical insights and personal stories that resonate with every listener. With a focus on making the Bible accessible and relevant, her talks offer a transformative experience that leaves audiences inspired, educated, and spiritually refreshed.

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Bible Studies & Devotionals


Unlock the Treasure of God's Word:
Authored by Heather M. Dixon, whose studies have guided over 50,000 women, these workbooks are a roadmap to a deeper, more enriching faith. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned scholar, there's a study waiting to elevate your understanding and bring you closer to God.

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“Heather M. Dixon understands living with a story that isn’t easy. As her powerful testimony reveals, there’s no reason she should be here today, and yet God’s Word has carried her through some of the scariest, and most wonderful, moments in her life. That’s why she is so passionate about teaching the Bible and encouraging women in their faith. To do that, Heather speaks at women’s events across the country, encouraging them to face their fears and choose life and joy, especially when life is challenging.” 

Susan Salley, Associate Publisher of Abingdon Women/Ministry Resources, Abingdon Press

Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder that I inherited from my mom, I know what it's like living with a story that is not easy. I've got a slew of major medical events in my chart. Oh and my doctors tell me that my life expectancy with vEDS is 48. So there’s that.

But there's also this...

About me

Top resources

When You Don't Like Your Story

Powerful scriptures to uplift and anchor you during tough chapters. Find hope when your story feels heavy.

Bible Study Bookmarks

Essential questions to guide and deepen your scripture reading. A compact tool for insightful Bible engagement.

Prayer Guide for Women's Ministry

Structured prayers to strengthen and inspire your women's ministry. A month of spiritual growth and unity.



Helping women find hope for their hard story by making the Bible available, relatable, & understandable for

The Rescued Letters Collective is an interdenominational ministry that serves churches and organizations from various denominations and faith backgrounds. Read our full statement of faith here.

 all women.

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God Does Not Abandon What is Flawed

The Latest on the Blog — pardon our dust...coming soon!

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God, the ultimate potter, works with our flaws to reshape us into His perfect design. 

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Thanks for your patience as we update this section of our site!

Coming soon!

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Thanks for your patience as we update this section of our site!


Daily doses of faith-filled wisdom, Bible study snippets, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of women's ministry in action.