Live with Courage

  • This has been one of my favorite podcast interviews to do because Amber and I connected on so many things - including the fact that we both work from home and juggle barking dogs (me) and precious littles (her) while we are doing it.
We talk about a lot of things in this interview, but our conversation naturally drifted to anxiety:
“During that season I literally set an alarm on my phone every 60 minutes to pray, because that was about as long I would last before I felt a wave of a panic attack coming on.”
Yeah, I've been there.
This time of the year tends to put anxiety into high gear for many of us. If that's you, then:
1️⃣ have a listen to our conversation on the @graceenoughpodcast_amber. We were thinking of you when we recorded it!
2️⃣ come see me at the @belovedwomen Conference in Raleigh on October 12. I'm leading a workshop on battling anxiety with Biblical truth (+ tangible tips I've learned along the way). I'd love to hug your neck!
  • Monday morning prayer for all the mamas sending their kids back to school this week and next, for all the rockstars making it to work on time, and all the tender hearts still trying to put two feet on the floor this morning.
I'm rooting for you, always.
  • Summer in NC 💜
  • A little late in my Independence Day well-wishes but I've been asleep since we've been home so 🤷‍♀️
  • Fave castle sunset pic 😍
  • Fave pic from day 2 - when Thomas fell in love with Pandora 💜
  • Fave pic from Day 1! Sunset and fireworks on the beach 💜
  • 🙊 See you in my stories 🏰