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Here we delve deep into the Word, offering insights, reflections, and personal stories that bridge the gap between Scripture and everyday life. It's a dedicated space for women to find hope, understanding, and relatability in the midst of their unique journeys, all rooted in Biblical truths.

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Ready - Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown | A Six-Week Bible Study on Joshua | www.therescuedletters.com
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So You’ve Finished the Ready Study. Now what?

Congrats! You made it through the Ready Study! I have prayed that God would bless your time in His Word and I hope you feel empowered and equipped to step into the unknown, relying on God’s strength and truth to get you to the other side of whatever it is you are facing. If you […]

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Ready: Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown | www.therescuedletters.com

Good news! Video teaching sessions for Ready: Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown are free and accessible on my YouTube Channel. I have them all saved for you in a playlist there, which you can find at this link: Access the Ready Study teaching videos

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Three Quick Thoughts to Encourage You in Your Grief | www.therescuedletters.com

You didn’t see an Easter family pic this year from me, because I spent Easter Sunday at the hospital with my Grandma Letha. In a quiet moment that afternoon, surrounded by the family that held her dear, my sweet Grandma was risen with Jesus. It was not an accident that the Lord chose Easter Sunday to […]

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Three Things I Am Learning by Praying Daily | www.therescuedletters.com

We’ve just returned from an overnight trip to DC with my son’s fifth grade class, and that’s why I’m still in my pajamas as I write this. Here’s what a trip to DC in March with 60 kids looks like: Walking. Walking. Walking. A 4:30am fire alarm. A noreaster with 70+ mph wind gusts. Government shutdown of everything […]

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Five Online Tools to Deepen Your Bible Study | www.therescuedletters.com

I read from a children’s Bible every day. Technically, it’s no different than the grown-up NIV translation that might be sitting on your coffee table right now. But my version was created for kids so it has pictures throughout and cute little Bible stories right after Revelation 22:21. Score! I’ve had this Bible since I […]

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Embracing the Imperfect at Christmas | www.therescuedletters.com

It started out with lovely intentions: my vision for Christmas this year. Because there really isn’t another time of the year that prods my desire for perfection more than the holidays. Perfectly wrapped gifts. Perfectly decorated tree. Perfect plans to partake in all of the holiday festivities. Perfect family pictures for the Christmas cards. Perfect […]

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I was standing in the sandy soil on my Grandmother’s farm when my hair started to fall out. Chatting with my cousin and absentmindedly raking my fingers through my hair, I didn’t expect the long, brown chunks that appeared in my fists. My doctor had warned me that hair loss might result from the two […]

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Join the Fall 2017 Online Study of Ready: Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown | www.therescuedletters.com

In August of 2015, God told me to get ready. I didn’t audibly hear those words, of course, but sometimes God places thoughts in our minds that simply can’t be ignored. And the warning to get ready was just exactly one of those thoughts. Wanting to confirm what I was hearing with God’s Word, I turned […]

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