Three Things I Am Learning by Praying Daily

Three Things I Am Learning by Praying Daily |

March 3, 2018

Washington DC 2018 |

We’ve just returned from an overnight trip to DC with my son’s fifth grade class, and that’s why I’m still in my pajamas as I write this. Here’s what a trip to DC in March with 60 kids looks like: Walking. Walking. Walking. A 4:30am fire alarm. A noreaster with 70+ mph wind gusts. Government shutdown of everything on our itinerary. Not. Enough. Coffee.

But it also looks like this: bucket-list living, which you guys know I’m all about. We made so many memories together that are priceless to me, because change is on the way. Next year, Thomas moves on to sixth grade which means a change in school. I thought choosing a Kindergarten was hard. I was wrong.

We pray together daily as a family, but this schooling decision feels like a big one. So Tom and I have committed to several weeks of daily prayer together over this one thing. We’re about two weeks into our commitment and here’s what I’m learning so far:

  1. Daily prayer is a constant reminder that God is in control. Even though we are walking into the unknown, the habit of continually bringing our hearts to God soothes the worry that threatens to creep in. Comfort is found in our daily pause to acknowledge that God’s ways are higher than ours.
  2. A prayerful heart is a thankful heart. What began as a request for answers has turned into an outpouring of gratitude. As Tom and I wait for God to reveal Himself, God is growing an attitude of thankfulness in us both. The language of our prayers has shifted from “God we need this answer please” to “God you have blessed us so.”
  3. Prayer gives birth to emotional intimacy. Prayer absolutely draws us closer to our Heavenly Father because it’s the way we communicate with Him. But it also connects us to the people that we are praying with. I look forward to my prayer time with Tom because I know it will be precious time spent together. If you want to build a closer bond with someone, start by praying with them.
I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God. It changes me.
-C.S. Lewis

If you are moving through a season of decision-making, start with daily prayer and watch how it changes you. We still don’t know the answer for Thomas’ schooling yet, but we are confident that God does and He will reveal it to us in His time. And that’s enough.

Coming soon: God is teaching me so much during this time of decision-making. As I’m learning, I’m working on a series about just that, one that combines prayer with the scriptures God is leading me to as we seek His will in big decisions. Stay tuned or be the first to hear about it by becoming an email peep here.

If you are moving through a season of decision-making, start with daily prayer and watch how it changes you. | Three Things I Am Learning by Praying Daily | #prayer #dailyprayer #decisionmaking

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  1. Tanya Villani says:

    This was brilliant! I confess I have gotten away from my daily time of prayer with Adonai and I must say how much I miss it and the intimacy I had with Abba. I have once again inspired to get back to that, make time for that, make it my #1 priority everyday twice a day; once in morning and again before bed….of course throughout the day as the Holy Spirit continues to whisper to be a better listener writing down what he says like I have done in the past.

    I am so thankful for how your family is being used by God not only to bring Him much glory, but to spur others on.

    • Heather says:

      Tanya, thank you so much for these sweet words of encouragement. I love the habit of praying first thing in the morning and right before bed…like divine bookends to our day. Blessings to you as you draw closer to our Heavenly Father. And hugs!

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