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Here we delve deep into the Word, offering insights, reflections, and personal stories that bridge the gap between Scripture and everyday life. It's a dedicated space for women to find hope, understanding, and relatability in the midst of their unique journeys, all rooted in Biblical truths.

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What Having Vascular Ehlers-Danlos is Teaching Me About Bucket-List Living | www.therescuedletters.com
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What Having Vascular Ehlers-Danlos is Teaching Me About Bucket-List Living

“Prepare your bucket list and live your life well.” -My Doctor Almost two years ago, these were the words I received with my diagnosis of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. There is no cure or treatment for vEDS. And because the life-expectancy of someone with vEDS is cut short, bucket-list living quickly shifted to the forefront of […]

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I was a sophomore in college when I first learned that there were actual methods and tools for studying the Bible. Before then, Bible “study” meant reading a few verses and saying a quick prayer. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. But over the years I’ve gathered resources that help me deepen my understanding of […]

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An Oak of Righteousness: Lessons Learned from my Church Pastor | www.therescuedletters.com

It started with just one leaf. Feather-light and surrendering to the wind, one leaf would rustle and then it’s friends would be invited to the dance. Alone, it sounded for no one. But together, with an army of fellow branch adornments, and nudged by the early summer breeze, the leaves of the giant oak roared […]

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10 Verses to Pray When it Feels Like Your World is Falling Apart | FI-FB | www.therescuedletters.com

I started collecting these verses over a year ago. It was over a year ago that everything I thought I knew about my body changed. Just before that I was a fitness instructor, regularly teaching 10+ classes a week. I made a living teaching other people how to be healthy and I relished the lifestyle […]

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Resources for Bloggers - FB - 1200x628 - www.therescuedletters.com

I have been in the blogging world either here at The Rescued Letters or as a ghostwriter and blog manager since 2013. And I am often asked for recommendations on tools and products that I use to keep it all running. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of them. I’ve compiled a list of my […]

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Four Things I Would Tell a Friend With Anxiety - FB | www.therescuedletters.com

I’ve had this conversation often recently. Sitting face to face or on the phone with a friend who is struggling with anxiety. As someone who knows what anxiety feels like in the heat of a panic attack and in the slow creep of the moments in between, I find myself offering advice and encouragement on […]

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Dear Ms. Doe, I'm So Sorry (Otherwise Known as My Most Embarrassing Story Ever) | www.therescuedletters.com

I’ve sat on this story for almost a year now. When life gives me a good story, I usually mull on it for a bit until I can make a Biblical connection with it. Generally, it doesn’t take that long before something pops in my head because, well, it’s life. And I tend to believe […]

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Four Bible Studies to Help you Battle Anxiety | www.therescuedletters.com

When it comes to battling anxiety, the deeper I go into God’s Word the easier it is to swing the sword. An in-depth Bible study might be just what you need to go from victim to victor. I have personally completed all of these studies and each one of them helped me step forward in […]

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