How (and why) I Stepped Way Outside my Comfort Zone

November 12, 2019

I hate flying.

I hadn’t done it since my carotid artery ruptured – not just because I’m afraid of flying. But also because my body is pretty wonky and I never know how it will react to new situations post-carotid surgery.

But this time last week, I did it anyway. In the few hours before my flight left, I cried, I forgot things, I sweated buckets, and I ate half of a cheeseburger. Normal Heather would have eaten the whole darn thing.

Facing our fears is tough. But God often calls me to places of fear to remind me I can trust Him to get me safely through it. Maybe your faith journey has been like that too.

Abingdon Women Authors

Last week I gathered with fellow Abingdon Women Bible study authors to collaborate and encourage one another on how to do women’s ministry well. Know what we talked about? You.

Because our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities, to trust God where He is leading our ministries, and to follow Him without question. We showed up with tattered Bibles and generous hearts and we left with the keen awareness that God was on the move.

Here’s why I am sharing this with you today:

Courage matters. Stepping outside of your comfort zone matters. Stepping into where God is leading you matters. Yes, it’s hard and yes, I would rather stay under the covers than step foot on a plane.

But you and I agreed a long time ago to live by faith, with courage, even when we don’t like what’s ahead of us. And maybe you’re facing something that feels terrifying today too.

Do it.

Do it knowing that God has gone before you and that you aren’t alone. Do it knowing we’ll high-five each other at the end of this day. Do it knowing that your life and your voice matters to this world because God has work for you to do.

Put two feet on the floor today. And know that I’m rooting for you, always.

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  1. Peggy Longshore says:

    Hi. I enjoyed your site. We have a few things in common. I too struggle with anxiety and have my fair share of full blown panic attacks. It’s something that comes and goes. I have prayed about it also, but it has not been taken away. God just helps me deal with it and get through it. The other day I had a very severe attack on the way back from getting the mail. I could not breath. I really thought that was the end. I calmed down finally. The next day was Valentine’s Day. I went down to get the mail again and in the very spot where I had the attack, there was a huge red balloon with the words, “I love you.” on it. It just happened to be stuck on a twig of grass in the very spot that the day before had been so terrifying. Well, I don’t think that was just a coincidence. I took it as God’s reassurance to me that he loves me and I will be safe in His hands. Needless to say, the balloon is out of air now , but I’m not and I have saved it to remind me of my Father’s love for me. Also, one of my best Kindred Spirit friends has twins with that same rare genetic disease that you have. They fought a good fight , but unfortunately, each passed away 3 months from each other. They were 23.

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