Being thankful for the circumstances of life

Being thankful for the circumstances of life

October 21, 2021

Being thankful for the circumstances of life

I wanted to see the sunrise.

I crawled out of bed as carefully as I could, trying not to wake my husband. It would be glorious, I just knew it. Sunrises at the beach were always glorious.

We were on vacation at a tiny cottage on the coast. Overlooking the quiet sound waters, the cottage was in a prime location for witnessing the most incredible of sunrises. Coffee and Bible in hand, I quietly slid the door open to the back porch, took a seat on the lounge chair overlooking the water, and waited.

Several minutes passed and the sky had turned lighter, but still remained gray. Had I missed it? No, I had the sunrise time correct. Where was the purple? The glowing pinks? The brilliant yellows that painted the sky to signal the sun’s arrival?

The sun had definitely risen, but clouds from a lingering weather front were blocking the display of its full glory. It wasn’t too long before heavy raindrops started to fall. Disappointed, I moved underneath the shelter of the porch and turned my attention to 1 Thessalonians.

Pondering the missed sunrise, I wondered how many times I had asked the very same thing of God?

Lord, show me your full glory! I want to see the biggest and the brightest you have to offer! But I don’t want the rain, I only want the sun.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Welcoming the rain is not an easy task. When we’re hungry for the sun, but are only given the rain, weariness can quickly set in. And a weary heart tends to forget that the richest of spiritual blessings are often born from the coldest of rains.

When my father died suddenly several years ago, I quickly forgot that God could teach me through the pain and I briefly turned away from the church. I didn’t know that God would eventually use that pain to help me understand His tender love as a heavenly Father, even as I bitterly grieved the loss of my earthly one. If I had welcomed the rain sooner, as hard as each step of that choice might be, would I have found a renewed hope any quicker?

The Bible tells us the answer to that question is yes. When we are always looking for the sun, we might miss the blessings found in the rain. If we can train our minds to
welcome the rain, and be thankful for all things, we will be rewarded with a hope that does not disappoint.

Lord, teach me to welcome the rain. Turn my heart to be thankful for the circumstances in my life today, and remind me that your blessings will follow my obedience.

I’m rooting for you, always.


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