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Here we delve deep into the Word, offering insights, reflections, and personal stories that bridge the gap between Scripture and everyday life. It's a dedicated space for women to find hope, understanding, and relatability in the midst of their unique journeys, all rooted in Biblical truths.

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Anxiety Warrior: You Are Not Alone - FI - 800x400 | www.therescuedletters.com
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Anxiety Warrior: You Are Not Alone

In the first week of our series on Battling Anxiety with Biblical Truth, I mentioned that the knowledge that God is in control was usually enough to settle my anxiety. But what about the days when that’s not enough? Because let me assure you, those days do happen. The good news is that you are […]

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Keep Stepping | www.therescuedletters.com

My son has a pretty healthy fear of heights. Recently, he tackled this fear on a two-story climbing adventure at a children’s museum. Even with the safety net all around him, he was cautious as he climbed. Remember Joshua 1:9, I tell him, as he tries to decide whether to climb all the way to […]

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Getting Ready: Preparing My Heart and Home for Battle | www.therescuedletters.com

Getting My Home Ready for Battle: Spring Cleaning in the Fall Funny things can happen when you heed a warning from God to get ready. For example, you throw away random things from your back porch, because that’s where you heard the warning in the first place. God: Get ready, Heather. Me: Oh, okay, I […]

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Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder that I inherited from my mom, I know what it's like living with a story that is not easy. I've got a slew of major medical events in my chart. Oh and my doctors tell me that my life expectancy with vEDS is 48. So there’s that.

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