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Here we delve deep into the Word, offering insights, reflections, and personal stories that bridge the gap between Scripture and everyday life. It's a dedicated space for women to find hope, understanding, and relatability in the midst of their unique journeys, all rooted in Biblical truths.

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Breathe deeply and find peace. Today we're exploring simple ways to recognize anxiety and the comforting truths that can soothe our souls. Your life has value – let's discover why together!
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Finding Peace: Your Breath, A Song, and God’s Love

This week I’ve been prepping for the start of school: buying school supplies, sorting out clothes that no longer fit, buying new clothes that do, and trying to come to terms with the fact that my son will drive himself to school this year. I’m mourning the end of carpool convos. Anybody else with me? […]

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I’m Heather.
I'm an author, speaker, Bible teacher, + coach. Here we bridge the gap between Scripture and everyday life. Find out why here,.
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An Invitation From the Deepest Corners of My Heart.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a member of The Rescued Letters community. I say this often – you are one of the ways God rescues me. Because of God’s goodness, I get to show up with you every single day. Whether it’s writing devotionals and Bible studies, speaking at women’s […]

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7 Years Later: What Having an Incurable Disorder is Teaching Me about Living Well

I was flipping through the pages of my older journals this week when my eyes stopped on the following words scrawled at the top of the page: what is God teaching me? What is God teaching me? I wrote these words during a season marked with intense anxiety, crippling pain, and many, many tears. Have you […]

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But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.Jeremiah 18:4 Have you ever watched a potter at work? With skilled hands, the potter takes a lump of clay and begins to shape it on the […]

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Welcoming Summer Sabbath

Summer is in full swing and I am loving it. I retreat inward for much of July to study, breathe, write, rest, and live at a slower pace. July is when I attempt to tangibly live out Mark 6:31.. ..he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some […]

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pink mug, pink notebook, and marble journal with pencil case on a marble desktop

It was late January in 2016. My carotid artery had ruptured two months prior and I was still recovering from the surgeries that repaired it. I wasn’t driving. I wasn’t working. I wasn’t doing much of anything except trying to process the ramifications of the diagnosis I had just received. Yes, I did have Vascular […]

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Four Things I Would Tell a Friend With Anxiety - FB | www.therescuedletters.com

I’ve had this conversation often recently. Sitting face to face or on the phone with a friend who is struggling with anxiety. As someone who knows what anxiety feels like in the heat of a panic attack and in the slow creep of the moments in between, I find myself offering advice and encouragement on […]

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This post is part three of three as we take a closer look at the one verse that defines Biblical trust. If you missed them, catch up on the first and second posts. Lean Not on Your Own Understanding Winter has come and gone and the first signs of spring are peeking out from the shadows. My son […]

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Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder that I inherited from my mom, I know what it's like living with a story that is not easy. I've got a slew of major medical events in my chart. Oh and my doctors tell me that my life expectancy with vEDS is 48. So there’s that.

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