Help women know the truth of God's Word and apply it to their lives.

Help women know the truth of God's Word and apply it to their lives. 

Delve into a transformative experience with my range of Bible studies tailored for women. Together, we'll explore Scripture as we find comfort, strength, and purpose in Christ. Let's deepen our faith, one Bible study at a time.

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Why I'm Committed to Crafting Bible Studies for Women.

The Bible is God's revelation to us, holding an abundance of insights, encouragement, and wisdom. But it's the resonance of these teachings in our daily lives as women that truly captivates me. Every study I write stems from a personal connection, an eagerness to make the Bible more accessible, and a desire to bring its teachings to life. Through these studies, I aim to create a bridge between Scripture and the unique challenges and joys we face as women.

I get it....the Bible can be overwhelming...

hi there!

I understand your struggle 

I understand your struggle

Bible study can sometimes feel overwhelming, distant, or challenging to incorporate into our bustling lives. Common challenges women often share with me include:


Finding relatable content in scriptures.


Carving out dedicated, uninterrupted time.


Navigating the vastness of the Bible and deciding where to begin.


Balancing faithful introspection with day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

But remember, you're not alone in this. And there are solutions and perspectives that can change the way you approach Bible study.

“Easy to follow and powerful!”

Heather takes you by the hand to walk through the book of Ruth together. This study is great for someone who isn't where they wanted to be in life due to a medical condition, the death of a child or spouse, or even falling short of the plans they made for themselves.

— ashley

but guess what...

I am your biggest cheerleader

I've been where you are - feeling overwhelmed, searching for relevance, and even doubting my understanding of scriptures at times. But through perseverance, guidance, and trust in the Lord, I found my path. My journey has been filled with both trials and triumphs, and I've learned valuable lessons along the way. 

With my studies, I aspire to be the guide I once wished for and help you navigate your biblical journey with confidence and clarity.

Each study offers a unique blend of scripture, reflection, and practical insights to encourage and guide you on your faith journey. Discover the transformative power of God's Word, one study at a time.

available bible studies for women

what do you want to study...

Determined is a transformative six-week study of Luke, guiding us through Jesus's life and the intentional choices He made on His journey to the cross. By following His footsteps, we gain a model for living with purpose, ensuring we maximize each day for God's kingdom. Embrace the promise of abundant life in Jesus, understanding that every moment is a gift meant to be spent in sync with God's mission.

Delve into a four-week study of the Book of Ruth, viewing life's challenges through Naomi's eyes as she navigated unexpected heartbreak. Discover the power of trusting in God's plan, taking proactive steps in your narrative, and awaiting His redemptive touch in the chapters you can't control.

A bit about each of my studies

Determined: Living Like Jesus in Every Moment

Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don't Like Your Story



Stay tuned for updates coming soon on the release of this latest study from Heather!

Unleashed: Chasing God's Purpose for Your Life with Abandon

coming soon...

Dive deep into the initial chapters of Joshua  to prepare for life's uncertainties and challenges. Journey alongside the Israelites into the Promised Land and discover the strength to stand firm in the face of the unknown, anchored by God's promises.

Ready: Finding the Courage to Face the Unknown



Each week is broken into daily lessons based on what we are reading

So how does a bible study work?

Six-week studies have five daily lessons for each week, four-week studies have three



here's what to expect:

Depending on your learning style, daily lessons can be finished in 20-30  minutes


You can participate in each study on your own or within a group


Teaching videos are available for each study to help wrap up each week of lessons


questions? Send us an email

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Teaching videos for each study are optional, but do enhance what you are learning. Email us at for info on how to access videos. 

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As your tour guide through the BIble, my studies will guide you through your personal study of God's Word. I can't wait to get started with you!

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“Father, give me a hunger for Your Word that is greater today than it was yesterday.”

— Me, everyday

The study is a perfect fit regardless of where one falls on the spiritual journey spectrum. Well structured, logical and easy to follow for the beginner. Tremendous amount of content with the opportunity to dig even deeper for the experienced. Rather than just telling us what she's discovered, I particularly appreciate how Heather guides us through various passages of the Bible showing how she arrived at those conclusions...and sometimes letting us draw our own. Can't say enough about this study and the timeliness of it.

- Marie

“Exceptional Bible study for beginners and experienced alike!”



Whether you’ve never picked up a Bible or you hold a degree in theology, this book is excellent for all those seeking to grow closer to Jesus. I love how each day has a reading plan that also references other verses in the Bible, so you’re getting a whole 360 view of the context and history surrounding the lesson. I’ve grown immensely closer to Jesus and strengthened my faith more than ever with this study!

- Chloe

“This study is everything I’ve looked for in a Bible Study and more!”



I'm Heather, your go-to hype gal for all things Bible

I'm an author, speaker, Bible teacher, and coach. I'm also the survivor of a rare, genetic disorder, so I know firsthand what it's like let God's Word transform your darkest chapters into a narrative of hope.

more about me

Hey there!

Which is why I teach it today

Over two decades ago, I began crafting Bible studies from my home to address the limited and superficial teen discipleship options available. I was driven by a passion to deeply mentor young women eager for profound biblical insights. Though initially tailored for them, these studies became my anchor through life's challenges, reminding me of God's plan and the stabilizing power of His Word.

He knew that after motherhood, economy crashes, and several near-death + major medical experiences, I would need His Word to bring me hope and keep me steady.

God's Word comforts and convicts. It encourages and it steps on toes. It is God's voice over you.

god's word rescues me again & again


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I completely understand. I can help you narrow down which study might be right for this season of your life. I can also direct you to other authors and resources that might also be a good fit. My main goal is to encourage you to stay in God's Word. So...

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